The bands

At GHX, we greatly value live music with a culmination on Saturday with our all night live. No recorded music from dusk till dawn. But not only the evening parties, every aspect of the GHX is drenched in live tunes. Join us coming April to experience the craziness firsthand!


't Mouvement

As time travel tells tales of science fiction, so is 't Mouvement an ambassador of the great classics of swing. Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Gene Krupa, Fletcher Henderson and many more from the 30s and 40s.

Playing in Ghent pubs as well as national and international dance festivals they prove jazz is for everybody.

Illegaal Big Band

The trombone player Timothé Lemaire handles with great care one of the biggest horns you've seen on stage. But his dreams are even bigger: he's always dreamed of a big band of his own. He's now seeing it finally fulfilled.

His perfectly tuned ear and his amazing writing skills have created a harmony you've rarely heard before: the Illegaal big band!

Collaborating with another thing Timothé truly loves - delicious Belgian beer -, they will add the extra "hop" to your dancing, but especially to your ear. Delicately swinging and rocking your socks off, the Illegaal big band brings together beer lovers and musicians - because those aren't, strangely enough, synonyms. Born in an Illegaal brewery somewhere in the capital of Brussels, these lads combine a friendship with an expertise and precision of jazz music you've been dying to hear. Get ready to be blown away - quite literally, by 9 horns with powerful lungs on stage.

Inspired by the everlasting tunes of Duke Ellington, these cats will swing you away with no less than 14 of the greatest Brussels jazz musicians on stage. The roaring 20s are back! And this band is ready to roar.


Blue Mockingbirds

Born in february 2019 in New Orleans, the Belgian band brings back to life the most fiery tunes from the early 20th century.

Reverent Juke

Born in 2015 out of the collaboration between the arranger Mathieu Najean and the dancer Sep Vermeersh, Reverent Juke has its roots in the golden era of swing.

With an explosive rhythm section built on the swinging drums of Tom Lambrecht, the bouncing bass and singing of Andrew Bolton and the wild stride of Renaud Crols, Reverent Juke sets the swing on fire with its three blowers, Martin Bolton on clarinet, Olivier Faber on trumpet and Mathieu Najean on reeds, blowing their horns on the fiery flames till they drop.

Born in Ghent, raised in Brussels, Reverent Juke is now attending Lindy Hop events everywhere in Europe.

Jake Walker

Jake Walker; A paralysis or loss of muscle control in the hands and feet, due to an overconsumption of Jamaican ginger, a.k.a. Jake, a legal substance with an alcoholic base. The numbness led sufferers to walk in a distinct manner.

Seven local Ghent musicians bring back the roaring sound of the thirties and forties. Apart from Louis Armstrong and Count Basie classics, they also write and arrange their own songs. The sparkling sound of Jake Walker is guaranteed to get you dancing.


Hop Sh Bam Connection

Excellent SWING band from Belgium, brilliantly guided by Marie Anne Standaert on trumpet and vocals. Being a dancer herself, she perfectly knows how to combine all the musical ingredients to provide dancers with top swing music. All Hop-sh-Bam musicians swing with their whole body, heart and soul! Be prepared: Heavy swing and Hot jazz that will make your feet move like never before!

More live music will be available on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. It's crazy!