Mermaid Routine

Let’s all dance together at the GHX!

10 years ago, Ghent, Belgium. A few local lindy hoppers bonded together and started organising small lindy hop activities. Over the years these initiatives evolved into the lively dance scene we now know as "de Gentse Hoppers".

One of these small activities was the Mermaid routine at the very first GHX. An easy to follow solo jazz routine made to encourage other dancers to join in. Because we firmly believe that sharing your enthusiasm and fun will inspire others regardless of how good you are. An inspiration to dance and join your dance community.

Now, a decade later, we want to revive this routine at our special edition coming April. The routine was updated slightly by its original creator Guillaume, together with Christel, but has lost none of its original traits. A fun and easy to learn routine.

We would love you to learn this routine and make a little movie dancing it in your city!

You can find an instruction video and details below! We look forward to seeing your enthusiasm.

Learn the mermaid routine

Choreo by Guillaume
Music by Cab calloway - The Mermaid Song
Danced by the Gentse Hoppers
Made for the first Gentse Hoppers Exchange and reborn for the 10th edition

Structure (of the dance)

Chorus 1: A A B A
Bridge 1
Chorus 2: go wild (or repeat A A B A)
Bridge 2
Chorus 3: C D C*

Chorus 2: Let your creativity and imagination run wild and have fun, solo or in couple, but interactive with other dancers. Or why not, even create your own small choreographed piece within the Mermaid Routine. Or simply repeat the first chorus.

What to do?

To emphasize the exchange with other dancers and inspire more dancers all over Europe we invite you to learn this routine, create your own part within this routine and make a video of you dancing it with other dancers of your community somewhere in your city. We will put all videos on our website.

If you want to join the fun, please send us your movie before March 25th at

And of course, we will all dance this routine together in Ghent coming April!